Kalkaska Adds to Western Canada Recruits with Skilled Forward MacDonald

The Kalkaska Rhinos continue to build a solid forward corps for the upcoming 2017-18 USPHL season.

Today, the Rhinos signed Brayden MacDonald, a 1999 birth year out of Western Canada.

“We would like to welcome Brayden to our organization,” said Rhinos coach-GM Krzysztof Oliwa. “He is a young and talented forward with lots of skills and a player who I believe will be able to help us produce tons of offense. His ability to skate and his skills will be a great addition to our lineup.”

MacDonald played Midget AA for the KC Colts last year in Edmonton, Alberta.

“I really enjoyed playing there – they really pushed me to be a better player and I feel like Coach Oliwa will do the same thing and even more, I’m really excited to have this opportunity,” said MacDonald. “I played hockey in Fort McMurray, Alberta, my whole life except for last year because of the fire. I started playing hockey when I was nine years old. I went on the ice with my parents a couple times and I loved it so they enrolled me into hockey a couple weeks later.”

Fast forward to this past spring and the opportunity came up for MacDonald to join Kalkaska when he met Oliwa during Native Provincials.

“I don’t really know how I see myself on the team yet, but I know I want to work really hard for the team and be one of the more vocal players on the ice,” MacDonald said. “It’s going to be hard, but if you really want something, you’ve got to work for it and I really want to succeed in hockey and if I get homesick or anything I’m only down there for one reason, so I’ll just keep telling myself that.

“I think it will be a great experience playing with kids from all of the world because I get to see what the skill is like and the different plays they have. I get to learn all of those and bring them into my style of play as well.”

And moving to Kalkaska is the best for MacDonald’s development as well.

“One of the reasons I chose Kalkaska was because of Keegan Pruden and the things that Oliwa does for all the kids is incredible,” said MacDonald. “The training is awesome and I can’t wait to be down there and training hard with the team. I hope to get stronger and faster this year and just to be a better leader on and off the ice.

“I feel like Kalkaska can make me the player I want to be and just from there, hard work and effort to be a better team. I like to consider myself a playmaker. I like to cycle the puck a lot and make plays, but I do like to shoot the puck when it’s a good time.”

MacDonald noted that his long-term goal in hockey is to “push myself and make it somewhere in hockey.”

“If hockey doesn’t work out, I want to start my own business someday or be a mechanic,” said MacDonald.

Source: Kalkaska Rhinos

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