JHN’S ‘The Shift Q & A’ With SIJHL’s Ryley Bosman

Welcome to the second season of the Junior Hockey Network’s ‘The Shift Q & A’ – hockey questions for hockey players.

In each ‘The Shift Q & A’ feature, we take you through the mindset of today’s hockey player through a question-and-answer session, profiling players from the NHL all the way down to midget hockey players.

Our next featured player is Ryley Bosman of the 2015 – 2016 Superior International Junior Hockey League’s Fort Frances Lakers.

Current Team: Fort Frances lakers
Position: RW
Number: 12
Birthdate: 09/10/96
Height: 6’3″      Weight: 205 lbs
Hometown: Calgary, Alberta
Previous Team: Creston Valley Thunder Cats (KIJHL)
Twitter: @BosmanRyley

What is your pre-game routine? Sewer ball, systems meeting, dynamic warm up and get dressed early.

Nicknames? Bos.

Most unusual thing you have in your hockey bag? Vicks Vapour Rub.

What is the one piece of equipment you’re most picky about? My skates.

Favourite rink to play in? Ice for Kids Arena (Fort Frances0

Main thing you do on the bus rides to kill time? Sleep.

Favourite hockey phrase? You miss 100% of the shots you never take.

Gatorade or Water? Gatorade.

You’re the last shooter to go in the shootout – what’s your move? Forehand to backhand, quick to forehand in the crease and flick up too right side.

Most embarrassing moment on the ice? Letting my coverage walk in and score the game tying goal.

Tongue In or Tongue Out? Tongue In.

Black or white tape? Black Tape.

What kind of curve do you use? Stastny.

Stick-taping technique? Mid heel to just before toe.

Favourite player growing up? Ryan Smyth.

Players you tried to model your game after? Ryan Kesler.

Slappers or snappers? Snappers.

Celly of choice? Quick change.

Why did you choose the Lakers this season? They had a great run last year, I knew a couple of the guys already on the team and heard great things about the coaching staff.

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