JHN’s ‘The Shift Q & A’ with GMHL Tom Stanislavski

Welcome to the Junior Hockey Network’s new feature ‘The Shift Q & A’ – hockey questions for hockey players. In each ‘The Shift Q & A’ feature, we take you through the mindset of today’s hockey player through a question-and-answer session, profiling players from the NHL all the way down to midget hockey players.

Our next featured player is Tom Stanislavski of the 2016 – 2017 Almaguin Spartans of the Greater Metro Hockey League.

Current Team: Almaguin Spartans
Position: Centre
Number: 6
Birthdate: 01/05/1995
Height: 6’2”      Weight: 200 lbs
Hometown: Palos Hills, Illinois
Previous Team: Forest Lake Lakers (USPHL)
Twitter: @tomstano17

What is your pre-game routine?
Same playlist of songs and starting my stretches 45 minutes before warm – ups.

Stano, Stanley, Big American.

Most unusual thing you have in your hockey bag?
Unusual thing in my bag is a big tapeball.

What is the one piece of equipment you’re most picky about?
Skates and sticks.

Favourite rink to play in?
Elgar Peterson Arena (Humboldt, Saskatchewan)

Main thing you do on the bus rides to kill time?
Llisten to music or play cards to kill time on the bus.

Favourite hockey phrase?
“Hard work beats talent when talent won’t work hard”.

Gatorade or water?

You’re the last shooter to go in the shootout?
One hander in the shootout or snapshot five hole.

Tongue in or tongue out?
Tongue in.

Black or white tape?
White tape.

What kind of curve do you use?
P88 curve.

Stick-taping technique?
Heel to toe and start at midway point of the blade.

Favourite player growing up?
Joe Sakic.

Players you tried to model your game after?
Patrick Kane.

Slapper or Snapper?

Celly of choice?
No celly.

Superstitions – Rituals?
Putting left skate, left elbow pad, left glove, etc on before the right side.

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