Why Become a Junior Hockey Network Member With Us.

The “Voice of Teams/Schools and Leagues for the Fan” is a site that allows teams, schools and leagues to promote themselves and to participate in a setting that is followed by hockey players, parents, fans from around North America that want to keep abreast of what is happening in their world when it comes to junior hockey and how it relates to them.

It could be anything from a player looking for an opportunity to extend his career opportunities, including educational avenues.

It could be mom and dad, sister, brother, friend that wants to follow the development and stay in touch with the players that are away from home during the year.

The purpose for this correspondence is to suggest that you visit and see for yourself where YOU and your organization (your team/school/league) could benefit from the network.

As a member you are offered an opportunity to post your logo and links to the site that run year round and are placed under the league pages, team pages or educational opportunity pages.

What we are trying to offer networking opportunities for players that want to extend their careers, for leagues that want to grow, teams that want exposure to players and schools that want to recruit in a way that is very inexpensive for all involved.

As a member of you are not committed to anything thing other than a monthly fee which is completely open ended…. (can be cancelled at anytime…without any fees).

An Associate Member to the site and can also provide Unlimited Content….

What’s Included
Press Releases, Photos, Game Recaps, Events, Promotions, Recruitment Opportunities and Tryout Invites……to name a few.

We see this venue as a huge opportunity for players to be exposed to everything hockey has to offer with the click of the mouse.

Please join us in bringing it all together.

Contact us at the Junior Hockey Network.