2017 RBC Cup Preview: Corbas de Terrebonne (LHJQ)

The Corbas de Terrebonne of the Quebec Junior Hockey League will be making their first appearance at the national championship at the 2017 RBC Cup in Cobourg, Ontario for the first time since the spring of 2010. Corbas de Terrebonne finished the 2016 – 2017 LHJQ season tied for first place with the College Francais de Longueuil.

The Terrebonne, Quebec based junior ‘A’ Canadian Junior Hockey League franchises advanced to the national championships after a 3 – 0 record hosting the 2017 Fred Cup Page Championship with a 5 – 2 win over the Central Canada Hockey League’s Carleton Place Canadians.

Corbas de Terrebonne (49gp, 45-4, 88 points) 1st Overall

Top Producers
2016 – 2017 Regular Season
Benjamin Bohemier (49gp, 39g, 68a, 13 PPG)
Gabriel Paquin (49gp, 41g, 40a, 4 SHG)
Loik Leveille (49gp, 21g, 54a, 8 PPG)
Hugo Talbot-Tassi(6gp, 5W, 1L, 3.33 GAA, 0.868 SV%, 360 MINS)
Jeremy Belisle (31, 25W, 3L, 2.74 GAA, 0.907 SV%, 1749 MINS)

2017 Post – Season
Vincent Lavoie (16gp, 10g, 16a, 3 PPG)
Benjamin Bohemier (16gp, 7g, 18a, 1 PPG)
William Gignac (16gp, 14g, 10a, 2 SHG)
Hugo Talbot-Tassi(16gp, 11W, 4L, 2.91 GAA, 0.913 SV%, 907 MINS)
Jeremy Belisle (2gp,1W, 1L, 0.97 GAA, 0.971 SV%, 62 MIN)

Road to the 2017 RBC Cup
Quarter – Finals
Cobras de Terrebonne vs. Montagnards de Sainte-Agathe
Game 1: March 17th Montagnards de Sainte-Agathe 6 @ Cobras de Terrebonne 3 (Final)
Game 2: March 19th Cobras de Terrebonne 7 @ Montagnards de Sainte-Agathe 1 (Final)
Game 3: March 21st Montagnards de Sainte-Agathe 0 @ Cobras de Terrebonne 12 (Final)
Game 4: March 22nd Cobras de Terrebonne 4 @ Montagnards de Sainte-Agathe 2
Game 5: March 24th Montagnards de Sainte-Agathe 2 @ Cobras de Terrebonne 11

Semi – Final
Cobras de Terrebonne vs. Inouk de Granby 
Game 1: March 30th Inouk de Granby 2 @ Cobras de Terrebonne 3 (Final OT)
Game 2: March 31st Cobras de Terrebonne 3 @ Inouk de Granby 7 (Final)
Game 3: April 4th Inouk de Granby 4 @ Cobras de Terrebonne 2 (Final)
Game 4: April 6th Cobras de Terrebonne 6 @ Inouk de Granby 3 (Final)
Game 5: April 8th Inouk de Granby 3 @ Cobras de Terrebonne 4 (Final)
Game 6: April 9th Cobras de Terrebonne 5 @ Inouk de Granby 3 (Final)

LHJQ Championship
Cobras de Terrebonne vs. College Francais de Longueuil
Game 1: April 15th College Francais de Longueuil 5 @ Cobras de Terrebonne 3 (Final)
Game 2: April 16th Cobras de Terrebonne 6 @ College Francais de Longueuil 2 (Final)
Game 3: April 18th College Francais de Longueuil 4 @ Cobras de Terrebonne 5 (Final)
Game 4: April 21st Cobras de Terrebonne 4 @ College Francais de Longueuil 1 (Final)
Game 5: April 23rd College Francais de Longueuil 1 @ Cobras de Terrebonne 4 (Final)

2017 Fred Page Cup
May 3rd Truro Bearcats (MHL) 2 vs Cobras de Terrebonne (LHJQ-Host) 8 (Final)
May 4th Cobras de Terrebonne (LHJQ-Host) 8 vs Carleton Place Canadians (CCHL) 7 (Final SO)
May 5th College Francais de Longueuil 2 vs Cobras de Terrebonne (LHJQ-Host) 3 (Final SO)
East Region Championship May 7th Carleton Place Canadians (CCHL) 2 vs Cobras de Terrebonne (LHJQ-Host) 5 (Final)

2017 RBC Cup Schedule
May 13th
3:30 p.m (EST)
Cobras de Terrebonne (LHJQ) vs Brooks Bandits (AJHL)

May 14th
7:30 p.m (EST)
Trenton Golden Hawks (OJHL) vs Corbas de Terrebonne (LHJQ)

May 16th
7:30 p.m (EST)
Corbas de Terrebonne (LHJQ) vs Cobourg Cougars (OJHL-Host)

May 18th
3:30 p.m (EST)
Penticton Vees vs Corbas de Terrebonne (LHJQ)

May 20th
2:30 p.m (EST)
Semi-final TBD vs TBD

7:30 p.m (EST)
Semi-final TBD vs TBD

May 21st
5:00 p.m (EST)
Championship Semi-final Winner #1 vs Semi-Final #2

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